Table 1:

CMBs for each sequence and ratera

All Raters123
Prevalence of CMBs on T2* (No.) (%)43 (17)b42 (17)b45 (18)38 (15)b,c
Prevalence of CMBs on TSWI (No.) (%)50 (20)49 (20)46 (19)51 (21)c
Prevalence of CMBs on tSWI (No.) (%)51 (21)b51 (21)b50 (20)51 (21)b
T2* sum CMBs (No.)365b,c373b,c461b260b,c
TSWI sum CMBs (No.)528c570c450d576c
tSWI sum CMBs (No.)699b619b806b,d672b
Times more CMBs on TSWI than T2*
Times more CMBs on tSWI than T2*
Times more CMBs on tSWI than TSWI1.
  • a McNemar and Wilcoxon signed rank tests were used to determine the difference in prevalence and sum of CMBs, respectively; analysis was done separately between T2* and TSWI, T2* and tSWI, and TSWI and tSWI. “All Raters” represents the median value of all separate ratings for all patients (ie, not the final values). The whole cohort is included in the analysis (N = 246). For “Prevalence,” values are given as the number of patients (percentage). All significant values are designated in the Table. All P values have been Bonferroni-corrected.

  • b P < .05 between T2* and tSWI.

  • c P < .05 between T2* and TSWI.

  • d P < .05 between TSWI and tSWI.