Model identifiers and CPU times for the various permutations of spatial resolution, temporal resolution, and solver

Model IDSpatial Resolution (Mesh Elements)Temporal Resolution (Time-Steps)CFD SolverCPU Hours per Cyclea
HR1Ultrafine (32M)Fine (35k)HR326
HR2Fine (4M)Fine (35k)HR68
HR3Medium (800k)Fine (35k)HR22
HR4Coarse (100k)Fine (35k)HR4.9
HR5Medium (800k)Medium (5.6k)HR3.5
HR6Medium (800k)Coarse (1.4k)HR0.9
HR7Coarse (100k)Coarse (1.4k)HR0.2
NR5Medium (800k)Medium (5.6k)NR28
NR6Medium (800k)Coarse (1.4k)NR7
NR7Coarse (100k)Coarse (1.4k)NR1.2
  • Note:—CPU indicates central processing unit; ID, identification.

  • a Approximate execution time on an 8-core, 2.53-GHz Xeon E5540 CPU (Intel, Santa Clara, California).