Demographic, aneurysm, and clinical characteristics of patients and the location of DWI lesions

Patient No.Age (yr)SexAneurysm LocationAneurysm Size (mm)WFNS GradeFisher GradeDWI DeficitsDWI Deficits Distribution
147MAnterior communicating artery6 × 4I3+Right frontal operculum; right centrum semiovale
255FLeft anterior cerebral artery12 × 10III4
361FRight posterior communicating artery8 × 5II3
449FAnterior communicating artery10 × 7I3
568FRight posterior communicating artery10 × 6II4
671FAnterior communicating artery6 × 5I4+Right frontal and left posterior frontal lobes
746MRight middle cerebral artery4 × 3III3+Bifrontal and posterior left parietal lobes
877FLeft anterior cerebral artery6 × 4I4
946MRight posterior communicating artery4 × 4I4
1050FRight internal carotid artery3 × 3I3+Right frontal lobe
1153FBasilar artery tip7 × 6II3+Left frontal lobe
1255MRight posterior communicating artery5 × 3II4
1355FLeft posterior communicating artery4 × 4II4
1469FLeft anterior cerebral artery11 × 7I4+Bifrontal lobes
1566MAnterior communicating artery7 × 5I0a
1645MAnterior communicating artery15 × 8II4+Right parietal lobe and corpus striatum
1766MRight middle cerebral artery8 × 3IV4+Right parietal lobe and Sylvian fissure
1830MAnterior communicating artery7 × 4I3+Left frontal lobe
1939FRight posterior communicating artery5 × 3.5I4+Right parietal lobe
2050FAnterior communicating artery4 × 3.5I4
2169MRight posterior communicating artery7 × 4I4
2239FRight posterior communicating artery10 × 9I4+Right frontal lobe
2352FRight posterior communicating artery5 × 5I4+
2454FLeft posterior communicating artery8 × 5I3+
2558FRight anterior cerebral artery5 × 4I3+Right frontal lobe
2660FLeft pericallosal artery12 × 8II4
  • Note:—WFNS indicates World Federation of Neurological Societies; +, present; −, absent.

  • a NCCT of the head was negative for SAH, which was later confirmed on lumbar puncture.