Table 1:

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the subjectsa

SubjectsPatients with NMOHCsP Value
No. of subjects5050NA
Sex (female/male)42:843:7.779
Age (yr)47.4 (13.4)49.8 (8.9).294
Education (yr)11.2 (3.4)12.1 (3.1).192
NMO-IgG (±)32/18NANA
Brain lesion volumes (cm3)b3.3 (5.1)NANA
Onset age (yr)41.6 (14.1)NANA
Relapsing frequency (times/yr)0.8 (0.7)NANA
No. of attacks (times)4.5 (5.1)NANA
Disease duration (yr)6.6 (6.7)NANA
EDSS score3.8 (2.3)NANA
  • Note:—NA indicates not applicable.

  • a All values are expressed as mean (SD).

  • b Thirty-seven patients had visible brain lesions.