Table 2:

Comparison of FHVs and parenchymal ischemic lesions between T2-FLAIR and T2-PROPELLER-FLAIRa

    FHV score1.21 ± 1.473.50 ± 2.79<.01
Parenchymal ischemic lesions
    CNR20.93 ± 8.618.43 ± 3.51<.01
    Sensitivityb148/153 (96.7)149/153 (97.4)1.00
  • Note:—CNR indicates contrast-to-noise ratio: (SIlesionSIWM) / SDn.

  • a FHV scores were defined by counting the number of MCA-ASPECTS territories in which FHVs were present.

  • b Sensitivity for the detection of acute and old ischemic lesions. Data are the number of ischemic lesions and percentages.