Table 1:

Characteristics and MRA findings of study patientsa

No. of patients35
Age (yr) (mean)65.1
Female sex12/35 (34)
Hypertension15/35 (42)
Diabetes mellitus11/35 (31)
Median time interval from symptom onset to MRI (hr) (IQR)23.4 (9.62–57.5)
MRA findings
    Large-artery stenosis or occlusionb28/35 (80)
        MCA horizontal segment12 (34)
        MCA insular segment5 (15)
        MCA cortical segment1 (3)
        Distal ICA3 (8)
        Proximal ICA7 (20)
    Negative7 (20)
  • Note:—IQR indicates interquartile range.

  • a Unless otherwise specified, data are the number of patients, with percentages in parentheses.

  • b Represents ≥50% stenosis or occlusion of the large artery.