Table 1:

Demographic and neuropathologic data of subjects

Case No.NoaSexAge (yr)PMD (h:min)bDD (yr)MS TypeCOD
    4F667:3017NAPulmonary hypertension
    5M714:0015SPMSPulmonary carcinoma
    6F546:0016SPMSLiver cancer
    12F543:3031SPMSHeart failure
    15F816:3021SPMSHeart failure
    Mean68.5 ± 12.75:56 ± 2:2728.5 ± 12.9
    204F72>24:00Myocardial infarct
    213F58<24:00Breast cancer
    Mean70.5 ± 8.5
  • Note:—PMD indicates postmortem delay; DD, disease duration since diagnosis; SPMS, secondary-progressive MS; PPMS, primary-progressive MS; COD, cause of death; NA, unavailable/unknown; –, not applicable.

  • a The numbers indicate number of hemispheric sections included per case.

  • b Control cases are not part of the rapid postmortem examination program and therefore have a longer PMD.