Table 3:

Multivariate logistic regression analysis: odds of complications according to platelet-testing status

ComplicationORa95% CIP Value
Primary outcome: neurologic morbidity and neurologic mortality2.370.95 to 5.93.06
Secondary outcomes
    Spontaneous rupture1.460.28 to 7.67.65
    Intracranial hemorrhage6.560.50 to 85.80.15
    Ischemic stroke2.030.67 to 6.20.21
    Parent artery stenosis0.06<0.001 to 24.51.37
    Cranial neuropathy1.170.22 to 6.38.85
    Neurologic mortality3.240.80 to 15.01.13
    Neurologic morbidity3.251.10 to 9.61.03
    All-cause mortality3.670.81 to 16.74.09
  • a Shown are the odds in the platelet testing/PED group versus those in the PED alone group. For each of the complications, the OR is for the platelet testing/PED versus the PED alone group. The analysis was adjusted for age, gender, aneurysm size, number of aneurysms treated, use of multiple PEDs, practitioner's previous experience, and center volume.