Table 4:

Associations among FHV scores, ischemic lesion volume, and perfusion abnormality volume in 9 patients with MCA horizontal segment occlusion

Ischemic DWI Lesion Volume (r)aPerfusion Abnormality Volume (r)a
Median (IQR) (mL)4.74 (1.76–11.57)64.91 (60.33–70.31)
FHV scores on T2-FLAIR0.86, 0.010.28, 0.43
FHV scores on T2-PROPELLER-FLAIR0.38, 0.340.79, 0.02
FHV mismatchb−0.79, 0.010.33, 0.42
  • a r closer to 1 represents a positive correlation. r closer to −1 represents a negative correlation.

  • b Calculated by (FHV scores on T2-PROPELLER-FLAIR − FHV scores on T2-FLAIR) / FHV scores on T2-PROPELLER-FLAIR.