Table 1:

Subject characteristics and the level of feeders as shown by spinal digital subtraction angiography results

CaseAge (yr)SexClinical ManifestationFeederType
Side and LevelOrigin
160FParaplegiaNo AVF
283MClaudicationLt. L1LAD
371MParaplegiaRt. L2LAD
478MParaplegiaRt. T7, Lt. T11ICAD
553MParaplegiaRt. T9ICAD
674MParaparesisNo AVF
749MParaplegiaLt. T6ICAPM
866MParaplegiaLt. T6, Lt. T7ICAD
939MParaplegiaLt.T5, Lt. T6ICAD
1057MParaplegiaRt. L2LAD
1167FParaplegiaLt. L3LAPM
1280MParaplegiaRt. T4, Rt. T5ICAD
1345MParaplegiaRt. T4ICAD
1471MParaplegiaLt. T3, Rt. T5ICAPM
1587MParaplegiaLt. T4ICAD
  • Note:—D indicates dural AVF; LA, lumber artery; PM, perimedullary AVF; –, data not available; ICA, intercostal artery; T, thoracic spine; L, lumbar spine; Rt., right; Lt, left.