Table 2:

Demographic data, diagnoses, and imaging features of patients with moving carotid arteries

PatientAge (yr)SexDiagnosisAtherosclerosis GradeMoving SegmentLevel of Retropharyngeal CarotidTime Interval between Scans (mo)Head Position
158MaleHematoCA0Left ICAOropharynx8Tilted 10° down between scans
246MaleHematoCA0Right ICAOropharynx6Neutral; no change
371MaleSkin cancer2Left CCAHypopharynx and oropharynx4Tilted 10° down between scans
456FemaleLung cancer2Right ICAOropharynx2Neutral; no change
  • Note:—CCA indicates common carotid artery; HematoCA, hematologic malignancy.