Table 2:

Summary of patient histories and US findings

No.Age (yr)SexHistoryClinical Details on ReferralUS findings
150MSquamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil, neck dissectionHypoglossal nerve palsyScar tissue around the nerve (Fig 3)
272MSquamous cell carcinoma of the tongue baseHypoglossal nerve palsyTumor infiltration of the nerve (Fig 4)
333FFacial nerve end-to-side coaptation to the hypoglossal nerve after tongue palsy after cerebellopontine angle tumor resectionTongue paresisNerve coaptation site with focal hypoglossal nerve thickening (Fig 5)
468FPartial hypoglossal nerve transfer for facial nerve reconstruction after malignant parotid gland tumor resectionTongue weaknessNerve transfer site with focal thickening and fibrosis
548MSquamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil, neck dissection, radiotherapy, chemotherapyHypoglossal palsyScar tissue entrapment of the hypoglossal nerve
655MNeurofibromatosisScreeningNeurofibroma (Fig 6)