Table 1:

Iron content (μg Fe/g of tissue) of each ROI in the ALS and control groupsa

ROIALSHealthy ControlsP Valueb
    GM42.05 (10.42)31.51 (10.42).007c
    WM11.84 (5.24)11.33 (4.75).911
ABMC29 (6.42)28.39 (10.04).502
PBSC31.66 (7.62)30.18 (11.65).766
ABSC28.69 (13.29)25.15 (10.32).278
GP30.28 (7.48)29.00 (7.62).602
PUT24.14 (5.62)22.44 (10.03).911
CAU29.41 (6.81)25.38 (13.14).455
  • Note:—ABSC indicates anterior bank of the sensory cortex; ABMC, anterior bank of the motor cortex; PBSC, posterior bank of the sensory cortex; GP, globus pallidus; PUT, putamen; CAU, caudate nucleus.

  • a Data are in mean (SD) or in a number range.

  • b P value is calculated with the Mann-Whitney U test.

  • c Post hoc Bonferroni correction.