Table 1:

2010 Revised McDonald diagnostic criteria for MSa

Minimum MRI Features for DIS (2 of 4 Criteria Required)
1 Infratentorial lesion
1 Juxtacortical lesion (touching the cortex)
1 Periventricular lesion (touching the ventricles)
1 Spinal cord lesion
  • Note:—DIS indicates dissemination in space; DIT, dissemination in time.

  • a MS diagnosis requires clinical and/or MRI evidence for CNS demyelination occurring in multiple locations (DIS) and with multiple events (DIT). The MRI criteria may support the clinical diagnosis of patients with MS with typical symptoms of CNS demyelination after the exclusion of alternative diagnoses. The DIT criterion can be met on MRI with an asymptomatic contrast-enhancing lesion on T1WI sequences (first or follow-up MRI) or newly active T2WI lesions on follow-up MRI. Lesions should be at least 3-mm in diameter and asymptomatic.