Table 2:

Diagnostic sensitivity of leakage patterns and tumors with 95% confidence intervals

T1 leakage pattern for low-grade tumors66% (49%–80%)a100% (83%–100%)ba100% (83%–100%)ba66% (49%–80%)a
79% (57%–92%)b100% (77%–100%)b100% (79%–100%)b77% (54%–91%)b
43% (19%–70%)c100% (60%–100%)c100% (52%–100%)c50% (26%–74%)c
T2* leakage and baseline patterns for high-grade tumors100% (83%–100%)a66% (49%–80%)a66% (49%–80%)a100% (83%–100%)a
100% (77%–100%)b79% (57%–92%)b77% (54%–91%)b100% (79%–100%)b
100% (60%–100%)c43% (19%–70%)c50% (26%–74%)c100% (52%–100%)c
T1 leakage for pilocytic and pilomyxoid astrocytomas91% (70%–98%)a90% (75%–97%)a84% (63%–95%)a95% (81%–99%)a
94% (69%–100%)b88% (67%–97%)b84% (60%–96%)b95% (75%–100%)b
83% (36%–99%)c94% (68%–100%)c83% (36%–99%)c94% (68%–100%)c
  • Note:—PPV indicates positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value.

  • a All tumor results.

  • b Dexamethasone tumors results.

  • c Nondexamethasone tumors results.