Study results

Study End Points (Total No. of Cases for Assessment)Resultκ
Diagnostic value of IVCBCTA
    Good contrast quality (34)34 (100%)1
    Motion artifacts present (34)01
Obscuration of PED-paved segment due to metal artifact
    Embolization coil present (14)31
    Embolization coil absent (20)01
Post-PED vascular status
    Presence of residual aneurysm (31)01
    Presence of vascular occlusion (31)01
    Presence of vascular stenosis (31)1 (3.2%)1
    Good PED apposition to vessel wall (31)31 (100%)1
Intimal calcification of the PED-paved segment (31)01
    Patency vascular branch (28)28 (100%)1