Table 4:

Rate of good outcome according to age and TICI scorea

Age Groups (yr)TICI 2b–3TICI 0–2aUnadjusted OR (95% CI)Adjusted OR (95% CI)
70 or younger67.5% (79/117)44.4% (8/18)2.6 (0.95–7.11)4.82 (1.32–17.63)
Older than 7049.5% (55/111)17.4% (4/23)4.66 (1.49–14.59)7.32 (1.73–30.99)
  • a The frequency of good clinical outcome is given according to age and TICI scores. For each age group, the OR is provided for good outcome in patients with successful reperfusion (TICI 2b–3) vs unsuccessful reperfusion (TICI 0–2a).