Case series of infants with CSF-like subdural collections on T2*-GRE/SWI

CaseAge (mo)SexMRI DiagnosisOperative DescriptionPathology (If Available)
14McSDH (↑ T1/T2/FLAIR/SWAN, hemosiderin along neomembranes)“Subdural hematoma”Culture, no growth; no cell count
25McSDH (↑ T1/FLAIR/SWAN/GRE, iso T2, hemosiderin along neomembranes)“Reddish-brown CSF”Culture, no growth; no cell count
36MSDHy (iso to CSF, no neomembranes)“Chronic subdural hematoma”Not sent
44McSDH (↑ T1/FLAIR, ↓ GRE/T2, 1 neomembrane with no hemosiderin)“Blood-tinged hematoma fluid”Culture, no growth; WBC 945/μL (H); RBC 149,188/μL (H)
54McSDH (↑ T1/FLAIR/GRE, iso T2, hemosiderin along neomembranes)“Blood-tinged CSF”Culture, no growth; no cell count
  • Note:—↑ indicates increased signal; ↓, decreased signal; iso, isointense; WBC, white blood cell count; RBC, red blood cell count; H, high.