Clinical description of 9 patients with AFM used in analysis

Patient No.Age, yrSexLimb WeaknessMRC Composite ScoreEnterovirus DetectedMRC Score at Follow-UpDischarge DiagnosisDays to MRI
13MRight UE11NP swab2Disease due to EV9
27MBilateral LE20None3Encephalomyelitis, paraesthesia/hyperestheia14
34FBilateral LE9None1Flaccid paralysis, unspecified2
48MRight UE9NP swab0Acute flaccid paralysis13
527MBilateral LE1Serum3Virus-related myelitis6
68FLeft UE16None2Viral meningitis11
724MBilateral LE24None3Meningomyelitis5
810MLeft UE18None2Postinfectious mycoplasma transverse myelitis3
92FLeft UE3None1Hopkins syndrome1
  • Note:—LE, lower extremities; NP, nasophyryngeal; UE, upper extremities.