Hemodynamic and geometric variables used in the study and the aspect of the aneurysm they characterize

    Q, ICIInflow rate, inflow concentration indexInflow jet
    VE, KEMean velocity, kinetic energyFlow speed in aneurysm
    VO, SR, VDVorticity, shear rate, viscous dissipationFlow rotation deformation/dissipation in aneurysm
    <WSS>, WSSmin, WSSmax, SCI, LSAMean, min, and max WSS, shear concentration index, area under low WSSWSS distribution
    <OSI>, OSImaxMean, max oscillatory shear indexOscillatory flow/WSS
    CorelenLength of vortex core linesFlow complexity
    Podent, podenumPOD entropy and number of modesFlow stability
    Aneurysym size, volume, area, SizeRAneurysm diameter, volume, area, size ratioAneurysm size
    Neck size, areaNeck diameter, areaNeck size
    Depth, aspect ratioAneurysm depth, aspect ratioAneurysm shape elongation
    Artery, branch1, branch2Diameter parent and branch arteriesArtery sizes
    SymmetryRatio of branch diametersBifurcation symmetry
    <Taper>, taper1, taper2Mean taper, branch taperArtery tapering
  • Note:—POD indicates proper orthogonal decomposition; SizeR, size ratio.