Table 2:

Retreatment completed 12 ± 3 months

Patient Sex, Age (yr)Aneurysm LocationAneurysm Transverse Diameter (mm)WEB Size (mm)Retreatment Delay (mo)Retreatment Type
M, 65AcomA6.3SL 6 × 314Y-stenting/coils
F, 41MCA5.9SL 6 × 38, 14Operation (failed)/WEB SLS
F, 27BA7.9SL 10 × 510Y-stenting/coils
F, 50BA9.6aSLS 1114Flow diverter (failed)
  • Note:—AcomA indicates anterior communicating artery; BA, basilar artery.

  • a Giant partially thrombosed aneurysm. Transverse diameter of the circulating part.