Table 4:

Linear mixed models—growth trajectories of CC and CCF influenced by the presence of fetal growth restriction and congenital heart defectsa

Model 1Model 2
β95% CIP Valueβ95% CIP Value
    FGR−2.384−3.26 to −1.505<.01b−2.295−3.320 to −1.270<.01b
    CHD−1.252−1.954 to −0.549<.01b−1.267−1.972 to −0.562<.01b
    FGR−1.413−2.500 to −0.326.01b−1.295−2.595 to 0.003.05
    CHD0.012−0.829 to 0.963.980.000−0.835 to 0.835.99
  • a Data are presented in β values with corresponding 95% CI and P values, compared with controls. Model 1 represents the crude model with GA and its polynomials as predictor and type of case as covariate of interest. Model 2 is the fully adjusted model for the covariates in model 1 and for serial measurements of fetal weight and sex.

  • b Significant.