Table 2:

Tissue-weighting factors and effective doses of FPA and MSCT for each organ

SitesTissue-Weighting Factors (ICRP 103 Version)FPAMSCT
Bone marrow0.120.290.39
Bone surface0.010.060.07
Salivary glands0.010.320.57
Lymphatic nodes
Extrathoracic region
Oral mucosaMean dose on remainder organsa
Effective dose (mSv)1.232.04
  • Note:—ICRP indicates International Commission on Radiological Protection.

  • a Remainder organs are: adrenals, extrathoracic region, gall bladder, heart, kidneys, lymphatic nodes, muscle, oral mucosa, pancreas, prostate or uterus/cervix, small intestine, spleen, thymus. For remainder organs a tissue-weighting factor of 0.05 is assigned according to the IRCP 103 version. The effective dose for the extrathoracic region and the oral mucosa, respectively, corresponds to the mean dose on remainder organs.