Summary results of independent predictors of arteriopathy subtypes

Arteriopathy SubtypeCardioembolicDissectionFCA-iMoyamoyaSecondary VasculitisOther Definite
Demographic characteristics
    Black race vs other+++
Clinical characteristics
    Congenital or acquired heart disease+++
    Down syndrome+++
    Head trauma+++
    Decreased level of consciousness+++
Infarct characteristics: location
    Lenticulostriate artery territory+++
Infarct characteristics: volume
    Infarct volume (smaller)++
Vascular imaging abnormal findings
    >1 vascular territory+++
    >1 arterial segment
Affected artery
    Proximal MCA (M1)+++
    Distal ICA (supraclinoid)++++++
    Cervical artery+++
  • Note:—Positive association: +++ indicates odds ratio > 20; ++, OR 5–15; +, 1 < OR < 5; P < .05 in all. Negative association: −, OR < 1 and P < .05.