Table 3:

Patient neuroimaging evaluation after aneurysm treatment

ClipCoilOR (95% CI)P Value
No. of patients5050
Patients without FU imaging, no. (%)4 (8)2 (4)
Frontal lobe IPH after treatment, no. (%)a12 (26.1)11 (22.9)3.0 (1.0–10.1).06
Nonvasospasm ischemic frontal lobe infarction, no. (%)a12 (26.1)2 (4.2)8.5 (1.9–62.3).004
Artery of Heubner infarction after treatment, no. (%)a15 (32.6)1 (2.1)20.9 (3.5–403.7)<.001
Embolic infarction after treatment, no. (%)a4 (8.7)12 (25)0.3 (0.1–1.1).07
Vasospasm-related ischemic infarction, no. (%)a7 (15.2)8 (16.7)0.9 (0.3–3.1).85
Any ischemic infarction after treatment, no. (%)a33 (71.7)24 (50)4.1 (1.5–12.4).005
  • Note:—FU indicates follow-up; IPH, intraparenchymal hemorrhage.

  • a Percentages refer to the number of patients with non-missing values (46 clip and 48 coil). P values are from the likelihood ratio test using propensity scores and odds ratios, and resulting 95% CIs are derived from the logistic model that includes both treatment and propensity scores (see “Materials and Methods” section).