Table 1:

Patient characteristics

Patient No.Age (years)SexPresentation and Diagnosis
141FLeft-sided-predominate supraclinoid ICA stenosis
261MLeft cervical ICA stenosis; aphasia
339FRight-sided-predominate ICA stenosis; recurrent minor stroke
432FLeft M1 stenosis; left monocular vision loss and recurrent right hemiparesis
556MIntracranial ICA stenosis; recurrent TIA
668FLeft ICA stenosis; recurrent left hemispheric TIA and borderzone ischemia
733FRight-sided-predominate supraclinoid ICA stenosis; Moyamoya disease following STA-MCA bypass and recurrent TIA
836FLeft M1 stenosis; recurrent left deep borderzone ischemia
938FRight-sided-predominate intracranial stenosis; recurrent MCA infarctions
1051FLeft ICA stenosis; recurrent TIA
  • Note:—STA indicates superficial temporal artery.