Table 1:

Clinical data of 10 patients with VAFAs

Patient No.Age (yr)SexRupturedTreatmentFollow-Up
Case 146MaleNo3 EP8 mo, cured
Case 253MaleNo2 EP12 mo, thrombosis formation
Case 339FemaleYes2 EP+coilsWithdraw
Case 437MaleYes2 EP+coils6 mo, cured
Case 551MaleNo2 EP+coils7 mo, thrombosis formation
Case 659MaleNo3 EP13 mo, cured
Case 749FemaleYes2 EP+coils12 mo, cured
Case 846MaleYes3 EP+coils12 mo, cured
Case 960MaleNo2 EP6 mo, stable
Case1046MaleNo2 EP12 mo, thrombosis formation
  • Note:—EP indicates Enterprise self-expanding stent.