Table 4:

Secondary neck vessel frequency and the cross-sectional area in the study groupsa

No. of VesselsCSA (mm2)
MS (n = 193)HC (n = 193)P ValueMS (n = 193)HC (n = 193)P Value
Secondary vessels
    C2/C312.9 (5.4)10 (4.2)<.001b92.1 (40.6)81.6 (35.5).016b
    C49.1 (4.2)7.5 (3.3)<.001b71.0 (33.7)65.3 (28.7).022b
    C5/C67.8 (3.9)6.8 (3.4).012b61.9 (32.2)57.2 (28.2).028b
    C7/T18.8 (4.9)6 (3.5)<.001b71.1 (40.5)56.7 (32.5)<.001b
  • a Analysis of covariance adjusted for age and BMI, smoking history, heart disease, and hypertension was used. In the ANCOVA for frequency of vessels, ranked variables were used.

  • b An α level of .05 was considered significant.