Table 5:

Aquilion Visiona

Scanogram (AP–Lat)Basal Scan (Optional)Contrast Scan
CoverageSternum to midheadMidneck to cover the bifurcationFrom aortic arch to midhead
Scan modeScanogramHelicalHelical
Start timeNABolus trackingb
Range500 mm8 cmVariable
CollimationNA0.5 × 800.5 × 80
Rotation timeNA0.275 second0.275 second
Slice thicknessNA1 mm1 mm
Slice intervalNA0.5 mm0.5 mm
FOVWide20 cm20 cm
FilterNASharp (FL03)Sharp (FL03)
CTDI (mGy)1515
DLP (mGy × cm)0.60.6
Amount of CM40–50 mLe
IDR1.4–1.5 g I/s
Concentrationf370 mg I/mL
Flow ratef4 mL/s
  • Note:—NA indicates not applicable; AP, anteroposterior; Lat, lateral; CTDI, CT dose index; DLP, dose-length product; IDR, iodine delivery rate; CM, contrast medium.

  • a Toshiba Medical Systems, Tokyo, Japan.

  • b Position of bolus tracking: aortic arch, threshold 100 HU.

  • c 50 mA in AP and 200 in Lat.

  • d Craniocaudal is also possible.

  • e Variable according to the concentration.

  • f Concentration × flow rate = IDR. The parameter to be considered is IDR.