Table 1:

Results of the regression analyses evaluating associations between thalamic susceptibility and thalamic volume, total gray matter volume, cortical thickness, and T2 lesion volume

Before Adjustment for CovariatesAfter Adjustment for Covariates
Coefficient95% CIP ValueCoefficient95% CIP Value
Thalamic volume9.0−28.0–46.1.639.4−28.9–47.7.63
Total gray matter volume−860−2026–305.15−720−1731–291.16
Cortical thickness−0.0007−0.003–0.002.62−0.00008−0.003–0.002.95
White matter T2 lesion volumes0.0260.0016–0.051.037a0.0290.0057–0.053.015a