Table 2:

Factors associated with poor prognosis (mRS ≥ 2)

P ValueOdds Ratio (95% CI)
Univariate analysisa
    Hippocampal involvement.0253.929 (1.185–13.021)
    Relapse.0400.316 (0.060–1.665)
    Treatment.7531.389 (0.180–10.735)
    Admitted to ICU.3520.500 (0.116–2.155)
Multivariate analysisa,b
    Hippocampal involvementc.0089.584 (1.803–50.931)
    Relapse.0430.111 (0.013–0.930)
    Treatment.7531.389 (0.180–10.735)
    Admitted to ICU.5920.636 (0.121–3.334)
  • a Using binary logistic regression.

  • b Analyzed using the therapy method (operation and immunotherapy), ICU admission, and whether there was relapse and hippocampal involvement as factors and age, sex, and time interval (interval between onset of presentation and MRI acquisition) as covariates.

  • c Hippocampal involvement including both types 2 and 4.