Table 3:

Correlations between quantitative imaging measures in the subcortical GM structures and clinical variables in patients with MSa

Basal Ganglia VariableClinical Variable
AgeDisease DurationEDSS ScoreMSFC Score25FTW Score9HPT ScorePASAT3 Score
MPF (CN)−0.42b−0.34−0.52c0.39b−0.29−0.40b0.34
MPF (GP)−0.41b−0.26−0.56c0.47c−0.42b−0.51c0.40b
MPF (putamen)−0.30−0.53c−0.52c0.57c−0.49c−0.60c0.44b
MPF (SN)−0.47c−0.40b−0.55c0.53c−0.36−0.59c0.48c
MPF (thalamus)−0.44b−0.37b−0.54c0.48c−0.34−0.52c0.32
T2* (CN)−0.24−0.25−0.140.15−0.16−0.190.13
T2* (GP)−0.19−0.15−0.330.17−0.16−0.230.25
T2* (putamen)−0.37b−0.41b−0.43b0.27−0.41b−0.290.14
T2* (SN)−0.040.14−0.16−0.24−0.020.24−0.25
T2* (thalamus)−0.11−0.02−0.23−0.05−0.090.05−0.04
  • Note:—25FTW indicates the 25-Foot Timed Walk Test; 9HPT, 9-Hole Peg Test; MSFC, Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite.

  • a Data are Pearson correlation coefficients. To correct for deviations from normal distribution, we applied the Box-Cox transformation to the 25FTW and 9HPT scores with the power of −0.5.

  • b .01 ≤ P < .05.

  • c P <.01.