Table 5:

Correlations between quantitative imaging measures in the subcortical GM structures and global imaging variables in patients with MSa

Basal Ganglia VariableGlobal Imaging Variable
MPF in NAWMMPF in GMMPF in LesionsLesion Volume
MPF (CN)0.54b0.43c0.05−0.36
MPF (GP)0.63b0.59b0.52b−0.30
MPF (putamen)0.56b0.51b0.32−0.37c
MPF (SN)0.63b0.50b0.45c−0.31
MPF (thalamus)0.55b0.39c0.19−0.24
T2* (CN)
T2* (GP)−0.04
T2* (putamen)0.190.300.140.02
T2* (SN)−0.28−0.12−0.080.11
T2* (thalamus)−
  • a Data are Pearson correlation coefficients. To correct for deviations from normal distribution, we applied the Box-Cox transformation to the lesion volume with the power of 0.5.

  • b P < .01.

  • c .01 ≤ P < .05.