Table 3:

Results of adjusted and unadjusted regression analyses for the effect of collateral capacity on follow-up infarct volume

β Log-Transformed (95% CI)aExp. (β)bP Valueβ Log-Transformed (95% CI)aExp. (β)bP Value
Visual collateral score per 1 point−0.49 (−0.61 to −0.37)0.60<.001−0.59 (−0.71 to −0.47)0.54<.001
Quantitative collateral score per 10%−0.13 (−0.16 to −0.099)0.88<.001−0.14 (−0.18 to −0.11)0.87<.001
  • Note:—Exp. (β) indicates exponent of β.

  • a Due to the non-normal distribution of follow-up infarct volume, a log +1 transformation was performed to best fit the assumptions associated with the linear regression model.

  • b Exponent of β was calculated to determine the relative difference of follow-up infarct volume with an increase in collateral scores.