Table 5:

Linear mixed effects modeling resultsa

TimeInjuryTime × Injury
    White matter.874.016b.659
    Gray matter.390.711.175
    L ant. thal. rad..416.003b,c.053
    Forceps minor.767.004b,c.256
    L IFOF.986.043b.226
    R SLF.903.023b.671
    R SLF (temp).498.024b.500
  • Note:—ant. thal. rad. indicates anterior thalamic radiation; L, left; R, right; IFOF, inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus; SLF, superior longitudinal fasciculus; temp, temporal.

  • a P values are reported for white matter and gray matter compartments, as well as for additional ROIs with significant effects. Interaction terms indicate longitudinal susceptibility variations of one group relative to the other.

  • b Statistical significance (P < .05).

  • c Significant after multiple-comparison correction.