Table 1:

Hemodynamic comparison between enhanced and nonenhanced areasa

VariablesEnhanced AreaNonenhanced AreaP Valueb
P (Pa)183.2600 (97.4100–242.9950)158.8200 (103.5900–220.2000).115
WSS (Pa)3.7255 (1.8487–8.3531)7.5342 (4.6062–11.1105).000c
OSI0.2288 ± 0.09180.3008 ± 0.0890.021c
  • a Data are expressed as means for normally distributed continuous variables, and as the median for non-normally distributed variables. Numbers in parentheses are interquartile range.

  • b A P value < .05 was statistically significant.

  • c Statistically significant.