Table 2:

Hemodynamic comparison between the whole aneurysm and parent arterya

VariablesWhole AneurysmParent ArteryP Valueb
P (Pa)161.4600 (106.7050–220.5200)181.3400 (104.2630–268.1350).313
WSS (Pa)6.8341 ± 3.72469.0612 ± 3.3256.000c
OSI0.3402 ± 0.06290.2859 ± 0.0560.007c
  • a Data are expressed as means for normally distributed continuous variables, and as the median for non-normally distributed variables. Numbers in parentheses are interquartile range.

  • b A P value < .05 was statistically significant.

  • c Statistically significant.