Table 1:

Patient demographics and clinical course

Pt IDAge (yr), SexAltitude of OnsetDays to CareaSpO2HACE Symptoms, FindingsDays in Hospital
135, M2800 m424%Headache, anorexia, dyspraxia, coma13
241, M2970 m541%Headache, fatigue, confusion, ataxia3
332, M2740 m450%Headache, confusion, ataxia12
423, F2930 m448%Confusion, agitation9
548, F2530 m474%Crawling, incontinent, confused5
647, M2970 m660%Confusion, dysarthria, ataxia12
729, M2930 m455%Progressive confusion12
834, M2750 m639%Somnolence, confusion, ataxia4
  • Note:—Pt ID indicates patient identification; SpO2, peripheral oxygen saturation.

  • a Days from onset of symptoms to presentation to clinic and immediate transfer to hospital.