Table 1:

Distribution of labyrinthitis ossificans grade by membranous labyrinthine structuresa

    Apical turn of cochlea570.811.51
    Middle turn of cochlea570.861.46
    Basal turn of cochlea571.041.48
    Lateral semicircular canal581.811.37
    Posterior semicircular canal581.311.56
    Superior semicircular canal581.021.54
Right side
    Apical turn of cochlea310.901.60
    Middle turn of cochlea310.941.48
    Basal turn of cochlea311.261.57
    Lateral semicircular canal322.031.40
    Posterior semicircular canal321.501.59
    Superior semicircular canal321.251.63
Left side
    Apical turn of cochlea260.691.41
    Middle turn of cochlea260.771.45
    Basal turn of cochlea260.771.34
    Lateral semicircular canal261.541.30
    Posterior semicircular canal261.081.52
    Superior semicircular canal260.731.40
  • Note:—No. indicates the total number of patients.

  • a LO grades stratified by each structure in the membranous labyrinth and stratified for the left-versus-right ear.