Table 3:

Techniques used for embolization of ruptured and unruptured aneurysms

Treatment ModalityAll IAsRIAsUIAsP Value
Coiling alone65047.846155.218936.1<0.001
Balloon-assisted coiling55240.635642.619637.4.06
Stent-assisted coiling493.681.0417.8<0.001
Flow diversiona654.840.56111.6<0.001
Flow disruptionb413.050.6366.9<0.001
Parent vessel occlusion20.
  • a Thirty aneurysms were treated in conjunction with coils.

  • b Two aneurysms were treated in conjunction with coils; 3 aneurysms, in conjunction with a remodeling balloon; and 1 aneurysm, with an ancillary stent.