Table 2:

Multivariate analysis of clinical and combined clinical and radiologic variables associated with FHP

VariablesOR95% CI
Clinical predictors of FHP in MVA
    Admission NIHSS score1.121.08–1.16
    Visual field defects on admission7.794.51–13.45
    Aphasia at admission2.031.37–3.00
    Hemineglect at admission4.502.46–8.22
    Sensory deficit at admission1.391.00–1.93
    Decreased level of consciousness6.322.49–16
    Posterior circulation stroke0.320.22–0.47
    Lacunar stroke mechanism0.140.08–0.24
    Anticoagulation before stroke onset0.450.28–0.72
Clinical and radiologic predictors of FHP in MVA
    Symptom onset-to-CT delay0.970.95–0.99
    Visual field defect at admission6.093.43–10.81
    Hemineglect at admission4.132.06–8.27
    Sensory deficit at admission1.531.07–2.17
    Cardioembolic stroke mechanism1.871.11–3.13
    Lacunar stroke mechanism0.450.24–0.85
    Early ischemic changes on CT4.682.73–8.04
    Chronic CT lesions (old strokes or leukoaraiosis)0.540.33–0.87
    Anterior circulation stroke3.132.13–4.55
    Arterial stenosis or occlusion in ischemic territory2.291.32–3.99