Table 2:

Univariate and multivariate analysis of predicting factors for aneurysm occlusion and treatment-related complications

Univariate, P ValueUnivariate ORMultivariate
Odds Ratio95% CIP Value
Independent variables for occlusion
    Type of FD (PED vs other).0021.42.61.6–5.3.02a
    No. of FDs (multiple vs single).–7.2.08
    Aneurysm size (large vs small)b.31.1
    FD + coils vs FD alone.0061.91.80.8–3.4.11
    Aneurysm location (MCA vs AcomA/DACA).–0.7.03a
Independent variables for complications
    Type of FD (PED vs other).51.3
    No. of FDs (multiple vs single).41.5
    Aneurysm size (large vs small)b.062.42.21–8.3.03a
    FD + coils vs FD alone.50.9
    Aneurysm location (MCA vs AcomA/DACA).–7.6.02a
  • a Significant.

  • b Small aneurysms, ≤10 mm; Large aneurysms, ≥10 mm.