Table 1:

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the participants

Patients with RRMSPatients with SPMSSignificant Differences (P Value)
EDSS scoreMedian, 1.5Median, 4.5.001a
Range, 1–3Range, 3–6.5
Age at Onset (yr)Mean, 34Mean, 30.15b
SD, 8.2SD, 6.5
Disease duration (yr)Mean, 12Mean, 18.04b
SD, 7.8SD, 6.8
White matter lesion volume (cm3)Median, 9.3Median, 12.9.18a
Range, 0.8–44.3Range, 3.7–50.4
  • Note:—EDSS indicates Expanded Disability Status Scale.

  • a Mann-Whitney U test.

  • b T test.