Table 2:

Optimal threshold, sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy for TTP, rCBF, ATDdiff, MTTdiff, and the final model in identifying infarcted voxels

TTP28.82 seconds65.3%77.9%76.5%0.76
ATDdiff0.87 seconds68.1%80.2%78.9%0.80
MTTdiff1.38 seconds56.2%74.5%72.5%0.69
Final modela0.109b74.2%80.0%79.4%0.84
  • a The final model consisted of TTP, rCBF, ATDdiff, and MTTdiff as the independent variables and the presence of infarct as the outcome.

  • b Equation of the final model: logit(P) = −3.9170 + 0.0601 × TTP − 0.0095 × rCBF + 0.4629 × ATDdiff + 0.0989 × MTTdiff where logit(P) = estimated log odds of infarction for a given voxel. If logit(P) is greater than the optimal threshold of 0.109, the voxel is classified as infarct.