Table 1:

Patient demographics and characteristics of the AVFs

Cranial AVF Present (n = 21)Cranial AVF Absent (n = 10)
Sex (male/female)13:83:7
Mean age (SD) (yr)62 (12)51 (14)
Presenting with pulsatile tinnitus (No.)87
Mean time to DSA (SD) (day)49 (68)179 (205)
Dural AVF location (No.)
    Dural sinus9
    Posterior fossa5
    Anterior skull base2
    Supratentorial convexity2
Dural AVF classification (No.)
    Borden type I9
    Borden type II3
    Borden type III6
    Direct type1
    Indirect type2
  • Note:— – indicates no data.