Table 1:

Imaging parameters for ungated QISS and CE-MRA sequences

ParameterUngated QISS-MRACE-MRA
Imaging mode2D3D
FLASH TR/TE (ms)15.0/4.73.09/1.2
QISS sequence TR (ms)1100.8
Acquisition matrix (Px)384 × 384512 × 512
Acquisition pixel (mm2)0.5 × 0.50.6 × 0.6
In-plane interpolationOnOn
Slice thickness (mm)2.01.0
No. of slices12880
Slice distance factor (%)−3320
No. of averages11
Receiver bandwidth (Hz/Px)303540
Flip angle30°30°
Slice orientationTilted transversal to coronal (45° tilt)Coronal
K-space trajectoryRadialCartesian
No. of radial projections204
No. of shots per slice3
Phase oversampling (%)040
FilterDistortion correction (2D); prescan normalizerDistortion correction (3D); prescan normalizer
B0 shim modeHeartTune-up
Asymmetric echoOffOn
RF pulse typeNormalNormal
Gradient modeFastFast
RF spoilerOnOn
iPAT modus (acceleration factor/No. of reference lines)2/24
Partial Fourier (phase and slice)6th/8th
Venous saturation slab thickness (mm)100
Distance between venous saturation and imaging slab (mm)10
TI (ms)530
Acquisition time (min:sec)7:030:20
  • Note:—iPAT indicates integrated parallel imaging technique; TI, time from in-plane and venous saturation to the acquisition of central k-space (ky = 0); Px, pixel; –, sequence parameter is not available; TR, repetition time; TE, echo time; RF, radiofrequency; Hz, Hertz.