Table 1:

Lugano classification for CT-based lymphoma responsea

TechniqueComplete ResponsePartial ResponseNo ResponsePD
CTComplete disappearance of disease or decrease in the lymph node long axis to <1.5 cmMultiple: ≥ 50% decrease in SPD of up to 6 lesions. Single: ≥ 50% decrease in PPDNo criteria for PD and <50% decrease in SPD of up to 6 lesions.(1) New or increased lymphadenopathy (long axis >1.5 cm): new nodes, ≥ 50% increase in PPD, or >0.5 cm increase in diameter for ≤2 cm or >1.0 cm for >2 cm; (2) splenic volume increase: with splenomegaly, >50% increase in length, or without splenomegaly, ≥2 cm increase in length; (3) new or larger lesions; (4) recurrent previously resolved lesions; (5) new extranodal lesion >1 cm (or <1 cm if unequivocally lymphoma)
FDG-PET/CTD5PS score of 1, 2, or 3 in disease sites, with or without residual massD5PS score of 4 or 5, with reduced uptake compared with baselineD5PS score of 4 or 5, with no signficant change in FDG uptakeD5PS score of 4 or 5, with increased uptake intensity compared with baseline and/or new FDG-avid foci
  • Note:—SPD indicates sum of the product of the diameters (PPD).

  • a For non-FDG avid lymphomas, the following CT-based measurement criteria are used to determine tumor response classification; adapted from Ref. 15.