Table 2:

List of radiomics features in this study

MethodQuant. algo.NgNSFeaturesNF
Non-texturesVolume, size, solidity, eccentricity4
HistogramEqual probability, uniform16
2Variance, skewness, and kurtosis24
GLCMEqual probability, uniform16
2Energy, Contrast, Correlation, Homogeneity, Variance, Sum Average, Entropy, Dissimilarity and Autocorrelation72
GLRLMEqual probability, uniform16
2Short Run Emphasis (SRE), Long Run Emphasis (LRE), Gray-level Non-uniformity (GLN), Run-Length Non-uniformity (RLN), Run Percentage (RP), Low Gray-level Run Emphasis (LGRE), High Gray-level Run Emphasis (HGRE), Short Run Low Gray-level Emphasis (SRLGE), Short Run High Gray-level Emphasis (SRHGE), Long Run Low Gray-level Emphasis (LRLGE), Long Run High Gray-level Emphasis (LRHGE), Gray-level Variance (GLV) and Run-Length Variance (RLV)104
GLSZMEqual probability, uniform16
2Small Zone Emphasis (SZE), Large Zone Emphasis (LZE), Gray-level Non-uniformity (GLN), Zone-Size Non-uniformity (ZSN), Zone Percentage (ZP), Low Gray-level Zone Emphasis (LGZE), High Gray-level Zone Emphasis (HGZE), Small Zone Low Gray-level Emphasis (SZLGE), Small Zone High Gray-level Emphasis (SZHGE), Large Zone Low Gray-level Emphasis (LZLGE), Large Zone High Gray-level Emphasis (LZHGE), Gray-level Variance (GLV) and Zone-Size Variance (ZSV)104
NGTDMEqual probability, uniform16
2Coarseness, Contrast, Busyness, Complexity and Strength40
  • Note:—Quant. algo. indicates quantization algorithm; Ng, number of gray levels; NS, number of scales; NF, number of features; GLCM, gray-level co-occurrence matrix; GLRLM, gray-level run length matrix; GLSZM, gray-level size zone matrix; NGTDM, neighborhood gray-tone difference matrix.