Table 2:

Location of occlusion and treatment details, including detected enhancing vessel wall foci, in the IAT-groupa

Patient No.Occlusion SiteNIHSS ScoreNOPTime Symptom Onset to IAT (Min)Procedural Time (Min)TICI ScoreAlteplaseTime IAT to MRI (Day)Ipsilateral Enhancing FociContralateral Enhancing Foci
1M1 right10119035TICI 3Yes33
2M1–M2 right11120834TICI 3Yes67M1-E
3Distal carotid left8331850TICI 2bNo84M1-C
4M2 left5517083TICI 2bYes49ICA-E, M2-EICA-E
5M2 left5112742TICI 3Yes65
6(Large) M3 right3113560TICI 0Yes67ICA-C
7Distal carotid left12220160TICI 2bYes80ICA-C
8M2 left4327570TICI 2bNo59ICA-C, M1-EICA-E
9M1–M2 left15115035TICI 3Yes22M1-E
10M1 left14115039TICI 3Yes24M1-E
11M1 right12114529TICI 3Yes25ICA-E 2x, M1-E
12M1–M2 right2017640TICI 3Yes51
13M1 right1504442TICI 3Yes57
14M1–M2 left14218050TICI 2bYes87M1-C, M2-C
  • Note:—C indicates concentric; E, eccentric; M, segment of the middle cerebral artery (M1 and M2); NOP, number of passes; –, no enhancing foci detected.

  • a Treatment details of the 14 patients including the number and location of the detected foci of contrast enhancement (by A.G.v.d.K.). In patient 3, the enhancing focus detected in the M1 segment was located distal to the occlusion but directly adjacent to the occlusion site and therefore identified as the same location as the thrombosuction site.