Table 3:

Comparison of enhancing foci between the IAT-group and the non-IAT group and between the ipsilateral and contralateral sides

IAT-GroupNon-IAT GroupP Value
Total No. of enhancing foci21.530.04a
Total No. of ipsilateral enhancing foci18.518.0.003a
Total No. of contralateral enhancing foci3.012.0.74a
Total No. of concentric ipsilateral foci9.08.5.02a
Total No. of eccentric ipsilateral foci9.59.5.07a
Total No. of enhancing foci ipsilateral vs contralateral (proportion) P value(18.5 vs 3.0) .005b(18.0 vs 12.0) .47b
Total No. of concentric enhancing foci ipsilateral vs. contralateral (proportion) P value(9.0 vs 0.0) .011b(8.5 vs 3.0) .14b
Total No. of eccentric enhancing foci ipsilateral vs. contralateral (proportion) P value(9.5 vs 3.0) 06b(9.5 vs 9.0) .97b
  • a Mann-Whitney U test.

  • b Wilcoxon signed rank test.